Dunes at Whitesands Camping Hideaway Camping Minutes Walk From Whitesands Beach near St Davids

Camp Fires & Wood Sales

In the interests of looking after the environment and minimising pollution please only burn; the clean burning kiln dried wood, the locally sourced pure charcoal and the fire lighters which we sell.

Please use the pure charcoal which we sell for barbecuing in the fire pits provided. Disposable barbecues are not allowed on our site. They are a fire hazard, scorch the ground where used incorrectly and create a large quantity of unrecyclable waste.

If you would like to purchase wood, charcoal or fire lighters during your holiday:
Certainly Wood Kiln Dried Flaming Wood £6 per bag
Plan Cerdin Pure Charcoal £3.80 per 1kg bag
Certainly Wood Fire Lighters 60p for pack of three

Please pay by bank transfer to;
Dunes At Whitesands
Account number 91377612
Sort code 40-40-06

And then message Richard on 07974001210. We’ll meet you with the wood by the bins.

Last orders for wood 5.30pm.